Vivian Maier at MK Gallery

For the next event on our Summer Programme, Charles Binns will be hosting a visit to the Milton Keynes Gallery to see the Vivian Maier exhibition.

According to the gallery: Vivian Maier (1926-2009) has only recently been revealed as one of the most significant photographers of the 20th century. She was a professional nanny in New York and Chicago for over 40 years but took hundreds of thousands of photographs, which were found when her belongings went to auction in 2007.

I spotted a TV programme on BBC4 about her a couple of weeks ago, and have since watched it on iPlayer, entitled “Vivian Maier … Who took nanny’s pictures?” It tells a fascinating story of someone – a nanny – who never published a photo in her life. She put all her stuff including around 150,000 photos: some prints, but many on undeveloped rolls of film into a self storage unit. When she went into hospital her storage fees were left unpaid so everything went up for sale (as seen in Storage Wars reality TV show). If you have difficulty finding the programme, go to BBC4 and search for “Vivian Maier” Its part of the “imagine” series.

There are no group bookings so each attendee should book themselves directly via the MKGallery website Entry: £11-50 or concs: £8-50. The gallery recommends pre-booking on-line. Club members should check details in the calendar on this website.