Print Competition No1 2022-2023

The first Print Competition of the new season was held on Monday 26th September 2022. The Judge was Chris Baldwin. Here are the titles of prints which were placed. Points awarded to each member contribute towards the award of the F-Stop,  Bodicote and Tony Grice Trophies at the end of the year.

Print Competition No1 – 2022-09-26 : Print Colour Open

1Tony ChiversVery Hot Chilli5
2Jim McCartanHarvest Mouse4
3Mike KirbyRed Dress3
HCJim McCartanRed Squirrel2
HCJeff YoungmanDownward Spiral2
HCBarry LaneDangerous Damsel2
`CJohn CredlandShooting For The Moon1
`CColin PointerSetcomm1
`CDon WalkerOff The Beaten Track1
`CJohn ButtressAlstroemeria1

Print Competition No1 – 2022-09-26 : Print Mono Open

1Jeff YoungmanLion Portrait5
2Miles CrisellCanal Heron4
3Roy TholeAll Supported3
HCDon WalkerRiverside Fun2
HCCharles BinnsWhite Bridge, Stowe2
`CMike KirbyAt Anchor1
`CTrevor CooperTrollied1
`CCharles BinnsMadeira Farmer1

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