External Competitions

Banbury Camera Club runs an extensive programme of photographic competitions between members during the year. We also take part in external competitions or “Battles” with other clubs. The following have taken place recently.

  • CACC Championships – Annual event organised by the Chilterns Association of Camera Clubs (Banbury is a paid-up member). The Event, normally taking place on a Sunday afternoon in March, includes Print Championship, Projected Championship and the Chiltern Hundreds Competition.
  • The Badby Challenge – PDI competition between around 9 clubs from more than one region.
  • The Rosewood Competition – A 3-way competition Banbury, Badby, & Buckingham
  • Interclub Battle (Stratford) – Banbury vs Stratford PG
  • Interclub Battle (Kidlington) – Banbury vs Kidlington
Stormy Ride Badby Challenge 2019 - On Tuesday 19th November, the Badby Challenge took place at Daventry between 9 Photographic Clubs.
Highlands in the Autumn CACC Championship Day 2019 - The Chilterns Association of Camera Clubs (CACC) held its Championship Day on Sunday 18th March 2019. Chris Baldwin attended as BCC External Competitions Secretary along with Andrew Spackman. The following Monday, Chris gave a presentation of the event to club members following the Impact Trophy competition. Banbury entered both the Print Championship and the Projected …
Badby Challenge 2018 Badby Challenge 2018 - The Badby Challenge is an annual inter-club PDI competition between a number of photographic clubs which is currently 9.