A Tribute to Past Members

We acknowledge that some past members, whilst being good friends followed their own area of photography and brought a lot to our club. These members who are not longer with us are remembered here.

  • Jem Hayward

    Jem joined Banbury Camera Club in November 1995. He had been a camera club member in the Midlands for most of his adult life. He joined Banbury at what we can now see was the beginning of a revolution in photographic practice. Oddly enough, a couple of years earlier someone in the Banbury club had…

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  • Alan Sargeant – Member No.1

    Banbury Camera Club are saddened by the recent death of member Alan Sargeant. As treasurer he issued Camera Club membership cards and as he always paid his dues first, he had “Member No.1” on his card. Tribute to Alan Sargeant by Andrew Spackman On 2 August 2001, as Secretary of Banbury Camera Club, I received…

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  • Tony Grice

    Tony was a member of the club in the 1970s and 1980s and, when other commitments allowed, he rejoined in 1999. He brought to the club his unrivalled knowledge of photographic equipment and techniques, a willingness to share this with everyone and a limitless capacity to support and encourage individual members. A camera club meeting…

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  • Valentina Kulagina (Member 2006 – 2018)

    On 9 April 2021, Keith Long received an email from his friend Elena in Moscow: “Valya (Valentina) left us tonight. She was unable to cope with the disease. This was the brightest person I have ever known. The light went out …” She was a victim of Covid. I can’t think of better words than…

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  • Isabel Smith (Member 1948 – 2006)

    Isabel Smith

    Isabel Smith joined the Banbury Camera Club in 1948, just one year after the club’s formation. In 1997 she was the first and only person to be awarded honorary life membership of the club. Isabel died on 25 June, 2006, aged 88 years, after a long illness. A section of the annual exhibition is in…

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  • Harold Robinson (Member 1999 – 2008)

    Harold Robinson Harold joined Banbury Camera Club in 1999 and very quickly made his mark with his wonderful photographs. The picture shown here of the Lancashire workers in a trench scored 20/20 in a competition with another club. It is typical of the superb black and white photographs he took in his native Lancashire in…

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