Jack Keen Cup Competition 16 May 2022

The Jack Keen Cup is a competition for members who haven’t achieved a 1st, 2nd or 3rd place in any competition during the year. The Judge was our own member John Credland . The results are as follows and images are available to view online for images scoring Highly Commended or better.

Jack keen Competition – 2022-05-16 : PDI Colour Open

1John ButtressMedia City
2John ButtressBluebell Woods ICM
HCDave DugganCeiling Tewksbury Abbey
HCSteve GoldGo green
HCColin PointerHumming Bird Moth
HCJohn ButtressInner Secrets Of A Tulip
HCRebecca BoasmanMouse
HCDave DugganSpring Blossom and Fly
`CCharlotte BishopAqua Vitae
`CCharlotte BishopGlencoe
`CColin PointerLazing On A Sunday Afternoon
`CJohn ButtressMagnolia Campbellii At Hidcote
`CCharlotte BishopMirror in Time
`CColin PointerOne Giant Leap