Jack Keen Cup Competition 16 May 2022

The Jack Keen Cup is a competition for members who haven’t achieved a 1st, 2nd or 3rd place in any competition during the year. The Judge was our own member John Credland . The results are as follows and images are available to view online for images scoring Highly Commended or better.

Jack keen Competition – 2022-05-16 : PDI Colour Open

1John ButtressMedia City
2John ButtressBluebell Woods ICM
HCSteve GoldGo green
HCDave DugganCeiling Tewksbury Abbey
HCColin PointerHumming Bird Moth
HCDave DugganSpring Blossom and Fly
HCRebecca BoasmanMouse
HCJohn ButtressInner Secrets Of A Tulip
`CColin PointerOne Giant Leap
`CColin PointerLazing On A Sunday Afternoon
`CCharlotte BishopMirror in Time
`CCharlotte BishopAqua Vitae
`CJohn ButtressMagnolia Campbellii At Hidcote
`CCharlotte BishopGlencoe