Jack Keen Cup Competition 16 May 2022

The Jack Keen Cup is a competition for members who haven’t achieved a 1st, 2nd or 3rd place in any competition during the year. The Judge was our own member John Credland . The results are as follows and images are available to view online for images scoring Highly Commended or better.

Jack keen Competition – 2022-05-16 : PDI Colour Open

1John ButtressMedia City
2John ButtressBluebell Woods ICM
HCRebecca BoasmanMouse
HCJohn ButtressInner Secrets Of A Tulip
HCSteve GoldGo green
HCDave DugganCeiling Tewksbury Abbey
HCColin PointerHumming Bird Moth
HCDave DugganSpring Blossom and Fly
`CCharlotte BishopGlencoe
`CColin PointerOne Giant Leap
`CColin PointerLazing On A Sunday Afternoon
`CCharlotte BishopMirror in Time
`CJohn ButtressMagnolia Campbellii At Hidcote
`CCharlotte BishopAqua Vitae

Annual Print Competitions 2022

The Annual Print Competitions (One for Colour and one for Monochrome) too place on 4th April 2022. The Judge was Alan Taberer from IMAGEZ Camera  Club in Aylesbury.

The Wordsworth Cup for the best monochrome print and the Alcan Shield for the best colour print in the Annual Competition will be awarded to the winner of each competition. Awards will be made following our AGM on 23rd May.

Annual Print Competition 2022 – 2022-04-04 : Print Colour Open

1Miles CrisellOverflow
2Jeff YoungmanWild Fox
3John CredlandThe Last Supper
HCTony ChiversPalladium Bridge And Gothic Temple
HCJim McCartanWoodland Squirrel
`CJim McCartanIs There Something On My Head
`CChris BaldwinYou Could Have Moved

Annual Print Competition 2022 – 2022-04-04 : Print Mono Open

1Jeff YoungmanTiger Portrait
2Miles CrisellA Very Fine Lady
3John CredlandLate Night Diner
HCBarrie WoodFirst Light Geirangerfjord
HCJeff YoungmanCloisters, Gloucester Cathedral
HCJohn ButtressDel Boy
`CChris BaldwinBig Cats Under Stress
`CMiles CrisellAre They Mushrooms
`CRoy TholePistons

Alan Sergeant Trophy Competition 2022

The Alan Sargeant Trophy printed Images competition took place on Monday 14th March 2022. The set subject for this competition is Banbury and around in recognition of Alan’s work on the Images of Banbury collection. The judge was Barry Taylor a long time past member of Banbury Camera Club. Results are here.

Alan Sargeant Trophy – 2022-03-14 : Print Open Banbury

1Don WalkerBanbury Churchyard
2Miles CrisellA Very Fine Lady
3Miles CrisellCleaning up in Butchers Row
HCJeff YoungmanBloxham Church
HCMiles CrisellFine Lady, Butchers Row Flats
HCJeff YoungmanRide A Cock Horse
HCJeff YoungmanBanbury Cross

Annual PDI Competition 28 Feb 2022


Banbury Camera Club held its Annual Projected Images Competition on 28th February 2022. The Judge was Brian Pere.

Annual PDI – 2022-02-28 : PDI Open Open

1John CredlandPackhorse Bridge
2Miles CrisellEscape from the Canal
3Chris BaldwinWaiting Patiently
HCTony ChiversM1 North
HCJohn ButtressReflections on Buttermere
HCJeff YoungmanPershore Abbey
HCJeff YoungmanI`m Watching You
HCJim McCartanDusk Windermere
`CJohn CredlandShoppers
`CChris BaldwinQueing Up Behind
`CJohn CredlandIt`s a Deal
`CJeff YoungmanTyger Tyger Burning Bright
`CChris BaldwinBlack Country Museum

John Saunders Cup Competition 2022

On Monday 14th February Banbury Camera Club held its John Saunders Cup competition. Entries to this competition comprise a sequence of 3 to 7 printed images. These are mounted on a 40 x 50 board, telling a linked story. The Judge was Colin Mill, BPE2, from New City Photographic Society in Milton Keynes.

The following were given a placing from an excellent group of entries.

John Saunders Cup – 2022-02-14 : Print Colour Open

1Mike KirbyCatching the Frisbee
2Andrew SpackmanOxford Afternoons 2021
3John CredlandOxford People
HCJeff YoungmanCuckoo from Perch to Ground
HCAndrew SpackmanMemories of Alan Sargeant
`CRoy TholeCleaning the Frog

Print Competition No 3 Season 2021-2022


On Monday November 22nd Banbury Camera Club held the third Print Competition of the season. The judge was Sandy Watson from Didcot. Here are the results.

Print Competition No3 – 2022-01-17 : Print Colour Open

1Chris BaldwinDefending The Kill4
2Miles CrisellOverflow3
3Michael ButterworthGabrielle2
HCJohn CredlandCovid Queue1
HCTony ChiversCyclamen1
HCMiles CrisellAutumn In The Water1
`CRoger SolesburyReady For Flight1

Print Competition No3 – 2022-01-17 : Print Mono Open

1Chris BaldwinStill Keeping The Tea Warm4
2John CredlandBodleian Gateway3
3Michael ButterworthNile Rogers2
HCMike KirbyTwo By Two1
`CJim McCartanHarvington Hall1
`CJohn ButtressDel Boy1

Jem Hayward Memorial Competition 2021

The Walford & Round Competition has now become The Jem Hayward/Walford and Round Memorial Set Subject Competition. The two set subjects this year are Food & Drink and
Intentional Camera Movement. The Competition was judged by Katherine and James Hayward in memory of Jem.

Katherine and James Hayward
Katherine and James Hayward choose the winning prints.

The winning prints for each set subject can be seen behind them along with the trophy for the competition and a panel showing a tribute to Jem Hayward. This panel was on show during our annual exhibition.

Food & Drink Set Subject

Winner Gin by Barry Lane – Overall winner
Conference Pears
Fish And Chips In Southwold
Just Made For Each Other
Roll Out The Jelly
The Anonymous World Of Parisian Meringue Making
The Chianti, Please
Time To Plan
On Coney Island NYC

Intentional Camera Movement Set Subject

WinnerTwirls by Diana Gamble
A Path Through The Trees By Miles Crisell
Bluebells In Twisted Wood By John Buttress
Party Animals By John Credland
Poppies By Miles Crisell
Stratford Footbridge By Jim McCartan
Zoom By Diana Gamble

Print Competition No 2 Season 2021-2022

Out To Sea

On Monday November 22nd Banbury Camera Club held the second Print Competition of the season. The judge was Damon Guy from Marlow Camera Club .

Here are the results.

Print Competition No 2 – 2021-11-22 : Print Colour Open

1Jim McCartanIs There Someone on my Head4
1Les HughesReflection4
3Jim McCartanWoodland Squirrel2
HCTony ChiversOn the Vine1
HCMike KirbyPorthlevenen At Low Tide1
HCJeff YoungmanWild Fox Encounter1
HCJohn CredlandStowe Meeting1
`CChris BaldwinBarbary Lion Emerging1
`CJeff YoungmanStanding With Giants1

Print Competition No 2 – 2021-11-22 : Print Mono Open

1Les HughesOut to Sea4
2Roy TholeBarren Trees3

Projected Digital Images Competition 18 October 2021

Noses Featured

On Monday October 18th Banbury Camera Club held its first Projected Digital Images Competition (PDI) of the new season. The Judge was Cathy Chantley ARPS. The results were as follows.

PDI Competition Colour – 2021-10-18 : PDI Colour Open

1Chris BaldwinThree Noses
2Miles CrisellSwaledale Waterfall
3Andrew SpackmanWestgate Oxford
HCDiana GambleAttack
HCTony ChiversIn The Spotlight
`CMichael GreenwayBig Festival and Zara Larsson
`CTony ChiversClematis Heart

PDI Competition Mono – 2021-10-18 : PDI Mono Open

1Charles BinnsFalcutt Millpond
2Jeff YoungmanGentle Giants Pulling The Plough
3Gareth MorganTea Break
HCJeff YoungmanSt. Mary`s Church, Bloxham
HCChris BaldwinSurveying The Approaches
`CDiana GambleI`m Faster
`CCharles BinnsOld MG Racer
`CJohn CredlandCommunication

Print Competition No 1 Season 2021-2022

On Monday September 27th Banbury Camera Club held its first Print Competition of the new season. Because of reduced membership following lockdown entries were fewer than usual. This led to the decision for member Chris Baldwin being asked to be judge. The results were as follows.

Print Competition No1 – 2021-09-27 : Print Colour Open

1Jeff YoungmanWild Fox Portrait4
2Barrie WoodBraving the Sea Mist3
3Tony ChiversStar Gazer Lilly2
HCMike KirbyDragon Fly1
HCMike KirbySt Ives1
`CDiana GambleIt’s Mine1
`CJohn CredlandPiccadilly Fall Out1
`CJohn ButtressFairground Attraction1

Print Competition No1 – 2021-09-27 : Print Mono Open

1Jeff YoungmanCloisters Gloucester Cathedral4
2Robin WilliamsThe Long Walk3
3Roy TholeLog Pile2