PDI Competition No.2 – 4 March 2024


The second new style of Projected Digital Images (PDI) competition was held on Monday 4th March 2024. The judging panel is made up of 3 members. They each give a score of up to 5 per image and therefore the maximum possible score is 15. The Result are shown below for scores of 12 and over. Images can also be seen via the link for these entries.

PDI Open – 2024-03-04 : PDI Open

Eagle OwlJeff Youngman15
Feeding A RobinJeff Youngman14
Nightmare – Feeding The FearsChris Baldwin14
Sorbrook DawnGraham Osgood14
Rapid TurnJim McCartan13
Stanbrook AbbeyJim McCartan13
A Drop In TimeTony Chivers12
A Tight SqueezeGareth Morgan12
BeachcomberKeith Davies12
ID UnknownGraham Osgood12
Rick AstleyMichael Butterworth12
See Through AlstroemeriaTony Chivers12
The DareMike Kirby12