Zoe Meredith

Zoe Meredith

From 2/2/2018 to 30/3/2018 Photographs by club member Zoe Meredith.

A new exhibition of twelve photos by Zoe Meredith is being shown from the beginning of February 2018. This replaces the photos from the Katharine House Hospice 2018 Calendar.

Zoe Meredith

Photographs by Zoe Meredith

I joined Banbury Camera Club in September 2017 and was thrilled to see three of my images included in the Club’s Annual Exhibition in the Heseltine Gallery at Chenderit School, Middleton Cheney.

With strong artistic instincts, I enjoy creative projects whether they involve painting, sketching or making the most of photographic opportunities. At present I spend the working day fulfilling my role as Student Librarian at the Northampton College Daventry Campus library whilst also continuing my academic studies in the Supported Learning Department.

My photography is not limited to any particular type. Quite simply, if a scene or subject appeals to me, I decide there and then to capture it as decisively as possible. As a result my portfolio contains a broad variety of images. I suppose the common threads that bind them together are key moments of observation and the no-nonsense execution of a shot.

Until recently I have had to rely on the basic Canon point-and-shoot camera with which these photos were taken. At Christmas I was given a Nikon Coolpix, though as photography tightens its grip as a serious hobby, a major upgrade in the near future seems extremely likely.

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