Print Competition No.3 2022-23

The third regular open print competition of the season was held on Monday 20th February 2023. The Judge was Charles Binns. Here are the titles of prints which were placed 1, 2, 3, Highly Commended or Commended and links to their images.

Points awarded to each member contribute towards the award of the F-Stop,  Bodicote and Tony Grice Trophies at the end of the year.

Print Competition No 3 – 2023-02-20 : Print Colour Open

1Jim McCartanRegency Wharf Birmingham5
2Chris BaldwinBuddies4
3John CredlandGlowing Puffa3
HCJohn CredlandBig Cat2
HCGraham OsgoodComma Butterfly2
HCMike KirbyAll Welcome2
HCMichael ButterworthKelly Jones – Stereophonics2
`CMichael GreenwayWhere Is My Lunch1
`CDon WalkerYou Never Know Who`s Listening1
`CChris BaldwinWeird Creatures In Ice – The Beast1
`CJeff YoungmanStanding With Giants 20221
`CTony ChiversGoing For The Win1
`CTony ChiversBrown Wood Owl1

Print Competition No 3 – 2023-02-20 : Print Mono Open

1Michael ButterworthKeisha Buchanan – Sugababes5
2Chris BaldwinLeading The Pack4
3Jim McCartanFoxy Lady3
HCJeff YoungmanDeep In Conversation2
HCMike KirbyHow About2
HCTony ChiversNoire Portrait2
`CJeff YoungmanBeware Of Trains1
`CRoy TholeOxford Canal1
`CGareth MorganSounding Out1

The “featured image” at the top of this page is usually chosen from the first placed images. It is difficult to use images in portrait format as featured images. I have therefore chosen my favourite image from the competition which is Don Walker’s: You Never Know Who`s Listening which is a clever observation. (Robin Williams – Webmaster)