Annual PDI Competition

The Annual Projected Digital Images (PDI) Competition took place on Monday 6th March 2023. The judge was our own members John Buttress. The results were as follows:

Annual PDI Competition – 2023-03-06 : PDI Open Open

1Michael ButterworthNoel McCalla – The Stables, Milton Keynes
2Barry LaneTwo Readers
3Jim McCartanTawny Owl
HCDon WalkerFull To The Brim
HCGraham OsgoodHilltop Chapel, Auvergne
HCRobin WilliamsWheels
`CGareth MorganA Tight Squeeze
`CDave DugganBird on a Stick
`CGraham OsgoodBroughton Castle
`CMiles CrisellWhere Have All The Punters Gone
`CMichael ButterworthLooking up – wild snowdrop

The featured image (at the top of this page) Michael Butterworth’s entry Noel McCalla taken at The Stables, Milton Keynes which was placed.