Print Competition 3 December 2018

Print Competition – 2018-12-03 : Print Colour Open

1Jamie Bodley-ScottThe Berlin Wall - East Side Gallery4
2Barry BarkerImpression - Autumn Snows Tibet3
3Diana GambleHighlands in the Autumn2
HCHelene BoilyFeeling a Little Peckish1
HCBarry LaneCalm Evening1
HCJeff YoungmanSquirrel eating sweet chestnut1
HCAnn JollyEngaging1

Print Competition – 2018-12-03 : Print Mono Open

1Toby SolesburyAshmolean Staircase4
2Trevor CooperBoss looking over your shoulder3
3Trevor CooperShiny Jag2
HCJamie Bodley-ScottTwo trees1
HCBarry BarkerFleur, In The Mirror of Magritte1
HCJane JarvisSafe return1

These are the results of the Print competition held 3rd December 2018. For more competition results see competition results 2018-2019