Print Competition 3 December 2018

The Berlin Wall - East Side Gallery

Print Competition – 2018-12-03 : Print Colour Open

1Jamie Bodley-ScottThe Berlin Wall – East Side Gallery4
2Barry BarkerImpression – Autumn Snows Tibet3
3Diana GambleHighlands in the Autumn2
HCBarry LaneCalm Evening1
HCAnn JollyEngaging1
HCHelene BoilyFeeling a Little Peckish1
HCJeff YoungmanSquirrel eating sweet chestnut1

Print Competition – 2018-12-03 : Print Mono Open

1Toby SolesburyAshmolean Staircase4
2Trevor CooperBoss looking over your shoulder3
3Trevor CooperShiny Jag2
HCBarry BarkerFleur, In The Mirror of Magritte1
HCJane JarvisSafe return1
HCJamie Bodley-ScottTwo trees1

These are the results of the Print competition held 3rd December 2018. For more competition results see competition results 2018-2019