Print Competition 28 Jan 2019

featured 28-1-19

Print Competition – 2019-01-28 : Print Colour Open

1Derek LaneSplitting Hares4
2Jamie Bodley-ScottGears at the bobbin mill3
3Chris BaldwinAll Out Attack2
`CIan DraperWater frog, Danube Delta1
`CJeff YoungmanOsprey splash1
`CDerek LaneAnd The Whole World Smiles with You1
`CAnn JollyHelter Skelter1
`CNeil MeredithDecember Morning1
`CBarry BoswellMuntjack, Buck and Doe1

Print Competition – 2019-01-28 : Print Mono Open

1Dave DugganFag Break4
1Michael ButterworthFudge and The Frequency at the Omera4
3Jamie Bodley-ScottThere is no word for the opposite of a shadow2
`CJeff YoungmanTelephone Box1
`CToby SolesburyThe Truth About Car Boot Sales1

There were 2 mono images placed first and none second.

These are the results of the Print Competition held 28th January 2019. For more competition results see competition results 2018-2019