John Saunders Cup Competition 2022

On Monday 14th February Banbury Camera Club held its John Saunders Cup competition. Entries to this competition comprise a sequence of 3 to 7 printed images. These are mounted on a 40 x 50 board, telling a linked story. The Judge was Colin Mill, BPE2, from New City Photographic Society in Milton Keynes.

The following were given a placing from an excellent group of entries.

John Saunders Cup – 2022-02-14 : Print Colour Open

1Mike KirbyCatching the Frisbee
2Andrew SpackmanOxford Afternoons 2021
3John CredlandOxford People
HCAndrew SpackmanMemories of Alan Sargeant
HCJeff YoungmanCuckoo from Perch to Ground
`CRoy TholeCleaning the Frog