Competition Results 2017-2018

These are the results from competitions run during the current season. Points are awarded for placed images in Print Competitions. These count towards the F-Stop, Bodicote and Tony Grice Trophies which are awarded annually. You can see the current standings for these competitions in the Points Table.
See Rules for these awards. Walford and Round, Impact, John Saunders and Annual competitions do not count as they have their own trophies and awards.

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Jack Keen Cup – 2018-05-14 : PDI Open Open

1Courtney KillpackHe’s looking at ya
2Ann JollyStraight Home
3John ButtressTulip time
HCDaphne LeverAutumn hues
HCCourtney KillpackOld and rusty
HCAnn JollyThe Odd Couple
HCNeil MeredithOut To Pasture

Brantwood Cup – 2018-05-14 : PDI Open Open

1Ann JollyStraight Home
2=Neil MeredithOut To Pasture
2=Daphne LeverAutumn hues
4Barrie WoodEnjoying the sunshine

Annual Colour Competition – 2018-04-30 : Print Colour Open

1Jane JarvisPlanning the Sortie
2Michael ButterworthThe Selection
3Barry BarkerImpression of Giverney No 2
HCDerek LaneCaught in The Act
HCDiana GambleDon't shoot
HCJeff YoungmanRobin
`CLesley RamsaySeagulls - ’tention!
`CJamie Bodley-ScottSunset at Marwick Bay

Annual Mono Competition – 2018-04-30 : Print Mono Open

1Jane JarvisTime to say goodbye
2Chris BaldwinTiger Cub On The Defensive
3Barry BarkerRill and trees 01
HCChris BaldwinCapybara Duo
HCAlan SheersCopper Mine
HCAlan SheersStalking
`CRoger SolesburyWaiting to Disperse
`CJohn TaylorBalconied Crescent

Print Competition – 2018-04-16 : Print Colour Open

1Barry BoswellSquabbling in the snow4
2Michael ButterworthIcy puddle3
3Jamie Bodley-ScottA Stromness dawn of fire and ice2
`CDiana GambleBanded Demoiselle1
`CHelene BoilyAlmost a Zebra1

Print Competition – 2018-04-16 : Print Mono Open

1Jamie Bodley-ScottUp to the music gallery4
2Alan SheersStalking3
3Chris BaldwinOh No, Not Him Again2
`CAndrew SpackmanRush Hour1

PDI Annual Competition – 2018-03-12 : PDI Open

1Stuart SmithEmma
2Stuart SmithGirl on a Train
3Jem HaywardUncertain Sunrise Lindisfarne
HCChris BaldwinTime for a Rest, My Dear
HCDerek Lane Blink and you've missed it
HCJeff YoungmanWatching You Watching Me
HCAndrew SpackmanSnow in Southwold

John Saunders Cup for 3 to 7 Prints – 2018-02-26 : Print Open

1Helene BoilyIt’s All about The Bees!
2Toby SolesburyStanding, Waiting, Contemplating – Tate Modern
3Trevor CooperReflecting on British Motoring
HCDerek LaneThings Birds Eat
HCJamie Bodley-ScottA Fisheye View of Gothenberg
HCJeff YoungmanShow Ring
`CChris BaldwinTess of Hardwick
`CAndrew SpackmanPeople Like Us @ The Photography Show
`CMichael ButterworthReverend and the Time Makers

Print Competition – 2018-01-29 : Print Mono Open

1Charles BinnsMid Iron to The Green4
2Andrew SpackmanWinter Landscape3
3Jem HaywardMuseum Stairs2
HCHelene BoilyLying in wait1
HCChris BaldwinStaying In Control1
`CJeff YoungmanBride and Bridesmaids1
`CCharles BinnsCoastal Strip *0

Print Competition – 2018-01-29 : Print Colour Open

1Derek LaneSurf and turf4
2Derek LaneFishing in the rain3
3Jane JarvisFeeling the heat2
HCChris BaldwinTroubles Afoot1
HCBarrie WoodMoorfield Park Banbury - snowy morning1
HCAlan SheersTarn Hows1
`CJohn TaylorSquare Route1
`CJohn ButtressAlan Titchmarsh meets Pink Floyd1

* This size of this print did not comply with competition rules and therefore no points have been awarded.

Walford and Round Award
Walford and Round trophy awarded to Andrew Spackman

Walford and Round – 2018-01-15 : Print Set 1 Textures

1Andrew SpackmanCoton Manor Door
2Jem HaywardVerona Gate
3Chris BaldwinSnot
HCRoger SolesburyStow Stone
HCDerek LaneNatures curves and textures
HCBarry BarkerSunset, Monet's Garden

Walford and Round – 2018-01-15 : Print Set 2 Curves

1Jeff YoungmanCurves
2Peter FisherWells Cathedral Curves
3Andrew SpackmanIn the British Museum
HCVaughan WallisAston Curves
HCJohn ButtressPot of Gold
HCBarry BarkerFour piece sculpture
HCChris BaldwinReflection In The Wake Of The Boat
HCCharles BinnsPool Step Curves

The Walford and Round Trophy overall winner was 1st Coton Manor Door by Andrew Spackman, 2nd Curves by Jeff Youngman

Print Competition – 2017-12-04 : Print Colour Open

1Chris BaldwinBetween Two Fires4
2Derek LaneCatch of the Day3
3Mark PellsPride of the Regiment2
HCBarry BoswellGoing home1
HCBarry BarkerSophie 1
HCJohn TaylorOctagonal Ceiling-Baptistery1
HCBarry BoswellMotherly love1

Print Competition – 2017-12-04 : Print Mono

1Jem HaywardGirl in a Dark Room4
2Chris BaldwinMajesty 3
3Charles BinnsPoonah Street Children2
HCCharles BinnsStairway to Mezzanine - Architectural Detail1
HCJohn TaylorThrough Blue Haze1

Projected Digital Image Competition – 2017-11-06 : PDI Open

1Denis KnightCromer
2Michael ButterworthReverend and The Makers at Electric Ballroom
3Chris BaldwinBest Friends
HCMichael ButterworthWales Millenium Centre - Cardiff Bay
HCVaughan WallisMother was a Dinosaur
HCCharles BinnsSea Scamps
HCDerek LaneDetermined or stupid
HCDiana GambleBellowing
HCBarry BoswellWait for me
`CJane JarvisOh no you don't
`CBarry BoswellNest building
`CKeith LongGirls' night out
`CAlan SheersTiming
`CAlan BaileyBeetle on Exmoor
`CClaire WatsonTigress

Annual Exhibition – 2017-11-05 : Print Open

1Derek LaneCatch of the Day
2Barry BoswellA Mountain Hare Ran By
3Jane JarvisTime to Say Goodbye

Print Competition – 2017-10-02 : Print Colour Open

1Ian DraperLion sleeping4
2Barry BoswellEarly morning dust bath3
3Chris BaldwinUnsuspecting2
HCIan DraperTwo of a kind watching1
HCChris BaldwinNurtured1
HCDerek LaneWhispers of love1
HCToby SolesburyDrainpipes fashion and function1
HCJeff YoungmanFishing1
HCBarry BoswellA Mountain Hare ran by1

Print Competition – 2017-10-02 : Print Mono Open

1Charles BinnsArt Queue4
2Jane JarvisTime to say goodbye3
3Trevor CooperClassical Gas2
HCBarry BarkerFigure - Tribute to Man Ray1