Annual Projected Digital Image Competition (PDI)

Annual PDI – 2019-03-11 : PDI Open Open

1Barry BoswellA pair of finches
2Barry BoswellAn Agama lizard
3Ann JollyPin Wheel
HCNigel HallLake Annecy
HCJohn CredlandGraffiti
HCToby SolesburyLight balcony
HCVaughan WallisOil Drops on Water
`CStuart SmithDecay
`CGareth MorganSleeping Giant GWR 5051
`CMark HunterPatagonia Wharf
`CNeil MeredithCanal Boat In The Morning Fog
`CStuart SmithSnowy Sheep

These are the results of the Annual PDI competition held 11 March 2019. For more competition results see competition results 2018-2019