Annual Print Competition

The Annual Print Competition took place on Monday 15th May 2023. The Judge was past member Keith Long. The results were as follows:

Annual Print Competition – 2023-05-15 : Print Colour Open

1John CredlandThe Grand House Beyond the Lake
2Jeff YoungmanSt Mary`s Church, Fairford
3Michael GreenwayNile Rogers & Chic 2022
HCJim McCartanJust the 2 of us
`CChris BaldwinAm I One, or One Of Many
`CMichael ButterworthThe Molotovs

Annual Print Mono – 2023-05-15 : Print Mono Open

1Mike KirbySam
2Jim McCartanThe Wheels on the Train
3Jeff YoungmanDeep in Conversation
`CJohn CredlandBarry Lane
`CChris BaldwinGravestones` Graveyard

Colour and Monochrome prints were judged as two separate competitions