PDI Competition 6 Nov 2023

Natural Feast Featured

For 2023, Banbury Camera Club has adopted a new style of Projected Digital Images competition. Competitions will be monitored for fairness and popularity and a decision will be made before the start of next season on whether changes should be made or the old style reintroduced.

Instead of using a single judge, we now have a judging panel made up of 3 members (who have not submitted an entry). They each give a score of up to 5 per image.

Each Member can submit up to 3 digital images. Scores are totalled and recorded in a league table over 4 competitions run during the season.

The results for 6 Nov 2023 are shown below. Images can also be seen here for some of the entries.

PDI 1 of 4 – 2023-11-06 : PDI Open

Chewing The CudChris Baldwin10
Forbidden FruitChris Baldwin12
In The Deep MidwinterChris Baldwin9
Chantelle Of The RisingMichael Butterworth8
Justin Hayward-Young Of The VaccinesMichael Butterworth10
SigridMichael Butterworth11
Albert BridgeRoy Thole9
BranchesRoy Thole8
In The WoodsRoy Thole8
CatkinsCharles Binns8
Mooring Ring LithCharles Binns9
WhittleburyCharles Binns13
All In A RowJeff Youngman10
Grass SnakeJeff Youngman10
Rwm-Rapid Wing MovementJeff Youngman13
Bad Hair DayJohn Buttress9
Natural FeastJohn Buttress13
The Final ShowJohn Buttress9
ReflectionsBarry Lane8
The Pheasant ShootBarry Lane8
What`s The NewsBarry Lane12
Jane BondJohn Credland11
JuliettaJohn Credland10
WaltzerJohn Credland7
Picking Up The BuoyMike Kirby11
Remote Moroccan VillageMike Kirby9
Sing Me A SongMike Kirby13
Bridge, Stowe Landscape GardensDave Duggan11
Ticket Office, Toddington StationDave Duggan11
Gothic RuinTony Chivers10
Least We ForgetTony Chivers12
Norman ArchitectureTony Chivers12
Study In CurvesGraham Osgood11
Swallowtail ButterflyGraham Osgood11
Tickled YellowGraham Osgood10
Bodicote PoppyMiles Crisell11
Consigned To HistoryMiles Crisell12
East Gill ForceMiles Crisell10
Malachite ButterflyJim McCartan13
Reach For The SkyJim McCartan13
Southwold PierJim McCartan12
The Gathering StormDon Walker10
The Mill On The HillDon Walker9
Victorian ArchesDon Walker11
I`m A Tiger, `Roar`Colin Pointer10
Thermal ImageColin Pointer7
`Yes, You Do Have A Lovely Shadow, Deer`Colin Pointer9
Banbury CrossKeith Davies7
Heart Of A RoseKeith Davies9
Stormy WindmillKeith Davies8