Movement in Photography – 9th October 2017

My latest talk for photographic or camera clubs is about “Movement in Photography“.  Covering the effect of camera movement, subject movement, and both together.

Derek Gale

I’ve been a professional photographer for the whole of this millennium (!), but have been an enthusiastic photographer most of my life.  I’m passionate about my photography, and I also love looking at other people’s photographs and learning from them.

On becoming a professional, my contemporary portrait and wedding photography was quickly recognised by my peers with numerous awards, including the Master Photographers’ Association Regional and National Awards. My images have been published in the Observer colour supplement, France magazine, the journal of the Royal Photographic Society (RPS), the RPS Portfolio One, national newspapers, international textbooks and trade magazines, and I have hundreds of images in the Alamy photo library.

My real passion however is for imaginative and mysterious Fine Art Photography, with creative use of texture and colour. This is now the focus of my professional work. Visit my Fine Art Photography page to learn more.

Passion for photography has also inspired me to help others improve their own photographic skills and creativity, particularly helping photographers to find new ways of seeing.  I’m honoured to be a regular tutor for Royal Photographic Society workshops in Bath, as well as offering you bespoke photographic training.