Results 2018-2019

These are the results from competitions run during the current season. Points are awarded for placed images in Print Competitions. These count towards the F-Stop, Bodicote and Tony Grice Trophies which are awarded annually. You can see the current standings for these competitions in the Points Table.
See Rules for these awards. PDI competitions, Walford and Round, Impact, John Saunders and Annual competitions do not count as they have their own trophies and awards.

Annual PDI – 2019-03-11 : PDI Open Open

1Barry BoswellA pair of finches
2Barry BoswellAn Agama lizard
3Ann JollyPin Wheel
HCToby SolesburyLight balcony
HCVaughan WallisOil Drops on Water
HCNigel HallLake Annecy
HCJohn CredlandGraffiti
`CGareth MorganSleeping Giant GWR 5051
`CMark HunterPatagonia Wharf
`CNeil MeredithCanal Boat In The Morning Fog
`CStuart SmithSnowy Sheep
`CStuart SmithDecay

John Saunders Cup – 2019-02-25 : Print Open special

1Jeff YoungmanFeeding the Robin
2Jamie Bodley-ScottProcessing The Slype...
3John ButtressMy Portrait Training
`CJamie Bodley-ScottThe 1930s Art Deco Remodelling of Downtown Miami Beach
`CJohn CredlandNational Indoor Arena
`CPeter FernieEvening at Tang Theatre
This is a competition for between 3 and 7 images mounted together. The images on this website are illustrative only as they are from photos taken from the competition display boards.

Print Competition – 2019-01-28 : Print Colour Open

1Derek LaneSplitting Hares4
2Jamie Bodley-ScottGears at the bobbin mill3
3Chris BaldwinAll Out Attack2
`CIan DraperWater frog, Danube Delta1
`CAnn JollyHelter Skelter1
`CJeff YoungmanOsprey splash1
`CNeil MeredithDecember Morning1
`CDerek LaneAnd The Whole World Smiles with You1
`CBarry BoswellMuntjack, Buck and Doe1

Print Competition – 2019-01-28 : Print Mono Open

1Dave DugganFag Break4
1Michael ButterworthFudge and The Frequency at the Omera4
3Jamie Bodley-ScottThere is no word for the opposite of a shadow2
`CJeff YoungmanTelephone Box1
`CToby SolesburyThe Truth About Car Boot Sales1
There were 2 images placed first and none second.

The Winner of the Walford and Round Trophy was
A Swan Preening by Zoe MeredithZoe Meredith with Walford and Round Trophy The winner was A Swan Preening by Zoe Meredith and a photograph of Zoe with the Walford and Round Trophy.

Runner-up: Stairway to Heaven by John Credland
Here are the placings for each set subject …

Walford and Round – 2019-01-14 : Print Open Candid

1John CredlandStairway to Heaven
2Michael ButterworthLunch
3Jem HaywardTony at the wedding
HCMaureen PoynerWilson`s Retreat
HCToby SolesburyShadow Puppet

Walford and Round – 2019-01-14 : Print Open Simplicity

1Zoe MeredithA Swan Preening
2Jamie Bodley-ScottSimplicity on legs
3Jane JarvisCaribbean breeze
HCJohn CredlandOn Yer Bike
HCMike KirbyEnd of the day

Print Competition – 2018-12-03 : Print Colour Open

1Jamie Bodley-ScottThe Berlin Wall - East Side Gallery4
2Barry BarkerImpression - Autumn Snows Tibet3
3Diana GambleHighlands in the Autumn2
HCHelene BoilyFeeling a Little Peckish1
HCBarry LaneCalm Evening1
HCJeff YoungmanSquirrel eating sweet chestnut1
HCAnn JollyEngaging1

Print Competition – 2018-12-03 : Print Mono Open

1Toby SolesburyAshmolean Staircase4
2Trevor CooperBoss looking over your shoulder3
3Trevor CooperShiny Jag2
HCBarry BarkerFleur, In The Mirror of Magritte1
HCJane JarvisSafe return1
HCJamie Bodley-ScottTwo trees1

PDI – 2018-11-05 : PDI Open Open

1Jamie Bodley-ScottFernsehturm
2Jem HaywardLindisfarne Sunrise
3Ann JollyPlaying with Light
3Robin WilliamsSpin Tower
3Toby SolesburyStormy Ride

Print Competition – 2018-10-08 : Print Colour Open

1Andrew SpackmanOverlooked in Soho4
1Diana GambleTawny Owl4
3Derek LaneA Passenger and Sunlit Leaf2
HCBarry BoswellPortrait of a Puku antelope1
HCBarry BarkerBallooning over Cappadocia1
HCCharles BinnsSkyscape1
HCBarry BoswellJust holding on1
`CAnn JollyRed Breasted Sapsucker1
`CIan DraperThenfod House Garden1
`CBarry LaneCe Soir1
`CAndrew HaleLoch Shiel Reflections1
`CIan DraperEagle Owl1

Print Competition – 2018-10-08 : Print Mono Open

1Michael ButterworthDan Owen at the Jazz Club, Camden4
2Jem HaywardEmily's hands3
3Trevor CooperFacade2
HCRoy TholeCutty Sark1
HCBarry BarkerSerenade1
`CCharles BinnsSenegalise Hair-braider1
`CRoy TholeTulips1