Results 2016-2017

These are the results from competitions run during the 2016-2017 season. Points are awarded for placed images. These count towards the F-Stop, Bodicote and Tony Grice Trophies which are awarded annually. The points allocation can be seen on the Competitions 2016-2017 page.
See Rules for these awards. Walford and Round, Impact, John Saunders and Annual competitions do not count as they have their own trophies.

Jack Keen Cup – winner: Ann Jolly with Roar
Brantwood Cup – winner: Jem Haywood with Latch

Annual Monochrome Print – 2017-04-24 : Print Mono Open

1Alan SheersIt's Mine
2Jane JarvisThe Night Shift
3Charles BinnsFont at Guissan Notre Dame
HCCharles BinnsBent Building
HCAndrew HaleOpen Wide
HCAndrew SpackmanInto the Light
HCJamie Bodley-ScottFrom Blenheim Bridge
HCAlan SheersEwe talkin to me
`CRoy TholeHigh Climb
`CIan DraperWhat a tangled web we weave
`CJem HaywardCanal Street
`CAndrew HaleI want to ride my bicycle

Annual Colour Print – 2017-04-24 : Print Colour Open

1Gavin PreussStanding Stones
2Roy TholeSweet Dreams
3Chris BaldwinLet Me Up
HCAndrew SpackmanCragg Sisters Tearooms, Aldeburgh
HCCharles BinnsSecret Admirer
HCJem HaywardThe Bridge
HCAlan SheersOn The Fells
`CRoy TholeThenford Church
`CJane JarvisSortie Over
`CJamie Bodley-ScottHappy Valley - Orkney
`CIan DraperWildebeest Galore

Annual PDI – 2017-03-20 : PDI Open

1Jane JarvisSortie Over
2Barry BoswellHyena on the Lake Shore
3Michael ButterworthSeal
HCJane JarvisNight Shift
HCJamie Bodley-ScottGothenburg in Reflection - Circles
`CDiane BerridgeThe Sky at Night
`CHelene BoilyBiking Happy
`CBarry BarkerSunset - Monet`s garden
`CJem HaywardCaught on Film
`CIan DraperThree of a kind - watching, waiting
`CAlan SheersStrike a Light

Open Competition – 2017-04-10 : Print Colour Open

1Chris BaldwinConflict or Courting4
2Roy TholeThe Table Is All Set3
3Steve GoldFolded2
HCJamie Bodley-ScottHappy Valley1
HCMichael ButterworthJo- Desperate Journalist1
HCAndrew SpackmanCrossrail1
HCBarrie WoodReflecting Cafe Society1

Open Competition – 2017-04-10 : Print Mono Open

1Steve GoldStairway to Heaven4
2Charles BinnsBent Building3
3Alan SheersIts Mine2
HCJem HaywardFlow1

Open Competition – 2017-02-06 : Print Mono Open

1Jem HaywardDew4
2Peter FernieMisty Walk3
3Jamie Bodley-ScottFrom Blenheim Bridge2
`CCharles BinnsFont - Gruissan Eglise du Notre Dame1

Open Competition – 2017-02-06 : Print Colour Open

1Chris BaldwinLet Me Up4
2Charles BinnsApproaching Storm - Aguille Du Plan Chamonix - Dutone Print3
3Chris BaldwinDomination2
`CAlan SheersLakeland Evening1
`CBarry BarkerAdobe Wall, Cactus and Door (pseudo lith - Selenium Toned)1
`CMichael ButterworthNadine, Café Nero Live1

Walford & Round print competition – 2017-01-16 : Print Colour Yellow or Horses

1Diane BerridgeSun Beams Kiss the Sea (Yellow)
1Ben ParkerWild Horse, Bodmin. (Horses - Overall winner)
2Diane BerridgeOne Horse Power, Low Emmission Vehicle (Horses)
2Lesley RamsaySoft Landing (Yellow)
3Claire WatsonHighland Pony (Horses)
3Chris BaldwinIndicator (Yellow)
HCLesley RamsayBerries (Yellow)
HCAlan SheersI'm Not Talking To You (Yellow)

Print Competition – 2016-11-28 : Print Colour British Life

1Andrew SpackmanCragg Sisters Tea Room, Aldeburgh4
2Andrew SpackmanAugust Bank Holiday, Southwold3
3Roy TholeI've Got More Strings Than You2
HCDiane BerridgeGnome Sweet Gnome1
HCDiane BerridgeYour coming home with me my lad1

Print Competition – 2016-11-28 : Print Mono Open

1Alan SheersEwe talkin to me?4
2Jem HaywardCanal Street3
3Charles BinnsLoire Valley Woodland2
HCPeter FisherBusy Corner Cafe1
HCValentina KulaginaLost Love1
HCPeter FisherCooling Off1
HCChris BaldwinMurder of Crows1

PDI Competition – 2016-11-07 : PDI Open

1Michael ButterworthSeal
2Barry LothianZabraskie Point
3Roger SolesburyDusseldorfe Reflections
HCLesley RamsayPlease let me win today
HCChris BaldwinSurely, He Can't Eat All That
HCValentina KulaginaGrandma
`CHelene BoilyBeautiful Dahlia
`CJamie Bodley-ScottGothenburg in reflection - from Lindholmen
`CDiana GambleMirror Image
`CNeil MeredithGrass Diagonals

Print Competition – 2016-10-03 : Print Colour Open

1Diana GambleI'm Watching4
2Alan SheersSawrey Sunset3
3Valentina KulaginaLady in Blue2
HCJane JarvisPeek-a-boo1
HCChris BaldwinMenacing Pair1
HCRoger SolesburyThree's a Crowd1
HCChris BaldwinSpa Day1
HCAnn JollyBoat and Balls1
HCIan DraperSwarovski Cavern1

Print Competition – 2016-10-03 : Print Mono Open

1Valentina KulaginaTales of Old India4
2India GregoryAlenka3
3Barry BarkerTwo Trees2
HCAlan SheersDetermined1
HCJamie Bodley-ScottStromness1
HCJem HaywardIn Love1