Results 2015-2016

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Brantwood Cup – 2016-05-16 : Print Colour Open

1Roy TholeUntitled0
2Gavin PreussUntitled0

Jack Keen Cup – 2016-05-16 : PDI Colour Open

1Barrie WoodFoggy Morning in The Park0
2Diane BerridgeSunrise, St Marks Square, Venice0

Annual Colour – 2016-05-09 : Print Colour Open

1Valentina KulaginaThe Glory of Past Beauty0
2Valentina KulaginaBird Storm0

Annual Mono – 2016-05-09 : Print Mono Open

1Michael ClarkChapel Organ0
2Valentina KulaginaMad Cap0

Print Competition – 2016-04-11 : Print Colour Open

1Jane JarvisStreet Life4
2Diana GambleWhat Now3
3Mark PellsQuick, I Can't Hold This Pose For Long2
HCRoy TholeHoly Cross Church, Mwnt, Wales1
HCIan DraperSpace Odyssey1
HCValentina KulaginaQuiet Menace1
HCAlan SheersWinter Hedge1
HCIan DraperSwarovski Cavern1
HCBarry BoswellFlamingo's Over Cape Town1

Print Competition – 2016-04-11 : Print Mono Open

1Valentina KulaginaTwo Boys4
2Barry BarkerCasa Cesar Manrique3
3Jane JarvisSuccessful Sortie2
HCJem HaywardBruges at Night1
HCJamie Bodley-ScottPerfect Spot For Boating1

Annual PDI – 2016-03-14 : PDI Colour Open

1Clare AcfordTomorrow Will Be Better0
2Andrew SpackmanEskdale0

John Saunders Trophy – 2016-02-22 : Print Colour Open

1Michael ClarkThe Commute0
2Gavin PreussLisbon in the Frame0

Print Competition – 2016-02-08 : Print Colour Open

1Clare AcfordThrough the Darkness There is Light4
2Chris BaldwinSad and Soaking3
3Michael ClarkSky Train2
HCRachel PrewImpressions of a Clock Tower1
HCMichael ButterworthNeuschwanstein Castle, Bavaria1
HCRachel PrewFlower in Focus1
HCAlan SheersCute1
HCPeter FisherWet Day in Albania1
HCValentina KulaginaLong Walk1
HCDanielle Quinn-TaylorThe Boy with Balloon1

Print Competition – 2016-02-08 : Print Mono Open

1Valentina KulaginaDespair4
2Clare AcfordHow Dark is the Day3
3Michael ClarkStevington Mill2
HCDanielle Quinn-TaylorBeautiful and Deadly1
HCMark PellsCob Courtyard1
HCAndrew SpackmanMaking a Point1
HCGavin PreussIn the Picture1
HCBarrie WoodShadows1
HCMark PellsDragons Den1

Walford and Round Trophy – 2016-01-25 : Print Colour Open

1Andrew SpackmanBlakesley Show0

Impact Trophy – 2016-01-11 : Print Colour Open

1Michael ClarkGlazed Mountain0

Print Competition – 2015-12-07 : Print Colour Open

1Diana GambleHere I Come4
2Michael ButterworthView Point, Port Olympic, Barcelona3
3Chris BaldwinInfant Monkeys on Hot Pipe2
HCJamie Bodley-ScottThe Escape1
HCVeronica FisherThe Gathering Storm1
HCDiane BerridgePeering Into the Evening1
HCJane JarvisA Stroke of Luck1
HCAndrew HaleCharge1
HCDuncan Quinn-TaylorI See You1
HCRoy TholeTrailing Lotus1
HCAndrew SpackmanEskdale from Bowfell1

Print Competition – 2015-12-07 : Print Mono Open

1Gavin PreussSpot … Or Misty?4
2Andrew SpackmanTaking a Break, Soho3
3Gavin PreussNot Waiting for the Bus2
HCKeith LongTeam Work1
HCMichael ClarkCloudy Glass1
HCJem HaywardSt Paul's at Night1
HCRachel PrewScrap Yard Beauties1

PDI Competition – 2015-11-02 : PDI Colour Open

1Denis KnightChesterton Windmill0
2Michael ClarkColourful Symmetry0
3Trevor CooperRush Hour0
HCGuy TurnerScenic Walk Home0
HCJamie Bodley-ScottLiverpool Cathedral0
HCAlan SheersLook Into My Eye0
HCValentina KulaginaHighland Boat0
HCGavin PreussLast One Standing0