Results 2015-2016

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Brantwood Cup – 2016-05-16 : Print Colour Open

1Roy TholeUntitled0
2Gavin PreussUntitled0

Jack Keen Cup – 2016-05-16 : PDI Colour Open

1Barrie WoodFoggy Morning in The Park0
2Diane BerridgeSunrise, St Marks Square, Venice0

Annual Colour – 2016-05-09 : Print Colour Open

1Valentina KulaginaThe Glory of Past Beauty0
2Valentina KulaginaBird Storm0

Annual Mono – 2016-05-09 : Print Mono Open

1Michael ClarkChapel Organ0
2Valentina KulaginaMad Cap0

Print Competition – 2016-04-11 : Print Colour Open

1Jane JarvisStreet Life4
2Diana GambleWhat Now3
3Mark PellsQuick, I Can't Hold This Pose For Long2
HCBarry BoswellFlamingo's Over Cape Town1
HCRoy TholeHoly Cross Church, Mwnt, Wales1
HCIan DraperSpace Odyssey1
HCValentina KulaginaQuiet Menace1
HCAlan SheersWinter Hedge1
HCIan DraperSwarovski Cavern1

Print Competition – 2016-04-11 : Print Mono Open

1Valentina KulaginaTwo Boys4
2Barry BarkerCasa Cesar Manrique3
3Jane JarvisSuccessful Sortie2
HCJamie Bodley-ScottPerfect Spot For Boating1
HCJem HaywardBruges at Night1

Annual PDI – 2016-03-14 : PDI Colour Open

1Clare AcfordTomorrow Will Be Better0
2Andrew SpackmanEskdale0

John Saunders Trophy – 2016-02-22 : Print Colour Open

1Michael ClarkThe Commute0
2Gavin PreussLisbon in the Frame0

Print Competition – 2016-02-08 : Print Colour Open

1Clare AcfordThrough the Darkness There is Light4
2Chris BaldwinSad and Soaking3
3Michael ClarkSky Train2
HCDanielle Quinn-TaylorThe Boy with Balloon1
HCRachel PrewImpressions of a Clock Tower1
HCMichael ButterworthNeuschwanstein Castle, Bavaria1
HCRachel PrewFlower in Focus1
HCAlan SheersCute1
HCPeter FisherWet Day in Albania1
HCValentina KulaginaLong Walk1

Print Competition – 2016-02-08 : Print Mono Open

1Valentina KulaginaDespair4
2Clare AcfordHow Dark is the Day3
3Michael ClarkStevington Mill2
HCDanielle Quinn-TaylorBeautiful and Deadly1
HCMark PellsCob Courtyard1
HCAndrew SpackmanMaking a Point1
HCGavin PreussIn the Picture1
HCBarrie WoodShadows1
HCMark PellsDragons Den1

Walford and Round Trophy – 2016-01-25 : Print Colour Open

1Andrew SpackmanBlakesley Show0

Impact Trophy – 2016-01-11 : Print Colour Open

1Michael ClarkGlazed Mountain0

Print Competition – 2015-12-07 : Print Colour Open

1Diana GambleHere I Come4
2Michael ButterworthView Point, Port Olympic, Barcelona3
3Chris BaldwinInfant Monkeys on Hot Pipe2
HCVeronica FisherThe Gathering Storm1
HCDiane BerridgePeering Into the Evening1
HCJane JarvisA Stroke of Luck1
HCAndrew HaleCharge1
HCDuncan Quinn-TaylorI See You1
HCRoy TholeTrailing Lotus1
HCAndrew SpackmanEskdale from Bowfell1
HCJamie Bodley-ScottThe Escape1

Print Competition – 2015-12-07 : Print Mono Open

1Gavin PreussSpot … Or Misty?4
2Andrew SpackmanTaking a Break, Soho3
3Gavin PreussNot Waiting for the Bus2
HCMichael ClarkCloudy Glass1
HCJem HaywardSt Paul's at Night1
HCRachel PrewScrap Yard Beauties1
HCKeith LongTeam Work1

PDI Competition – 2015-11-02 : PDI Colour Open

1Denis KnightChesterton Windmill0
2Michael ClarkColourful Symmetry0
3Trevor CooperRush Hour0
HCJamie Bodley-ScottLiverpool Cathedral0
HCAlan SheersLook Into My Eye0
HCValentina KulaginaHighland Boat0
HCGavin PreussLast One Standing0
HCGuy TurnerScenic Walk Home0