Results 2014

14th April, 2014: Annual Colour and Mono Print Competitions

[table caption=”Judge: Alan Taberer” width=”600″ colwidth=”150|180″ colalign=”left|left|left”]
Colour Print ,Name,Title
Winner,Steve Gold,Market Stall
Runner-up,Diane Partington, Arctic Tern
Monochrome Print ,Name,Title
Winner,Jane Jarvis,Chocks Away
Runner-up,Jem Hayward, Sad

31st March, 2014: Open

[table caption=”Judge: Cathal Gantly” width=”600″ colwidth=”150|50|180″ colalign=”left|left|left”]
Colour Print ,,Name,Title
,1,Duncan Quinn-Taylor,Daddy Longlegs Macro
,2,Michael Greenway,Yellow Broad Bodied Chaser
,3,Diane Partington,Arctic Tern
,HC,Adrian Hall,Cluster of Orchids
,HC,Barry Boswell,African Vulture
,HC,Barry Boswell,The Last Berries
,HC,Diane Partington,Burrowing Owl
,HC,Duncan Quinn-Taylor,Icon of the Sky
,HC,Ian Brown,The Kids Get Under Your Feet
,HC,Ian Draper,Morris Man
,HC,Jane Jarvis,Shades of Autumn
,HC,Jem Hayward,Storm Light Steps
,HC,Mark Pells,The Cutty Sark
,HC,Michael Greenway,Sunrise in Venice
,HC,Mike Watling,Rush Hour Grand Central Station
,HC,Noel Bell,When the Boat Comes In
,HC,Peter Fernie,Big Ears
Monochrome Print ,,Name,Title
,1,Charles Binns,Sophia-Artisan Soap Maker
,2,Mark Pells,Across the River Styx
,3,Andrew Spackman,We’ve Won
,HC,Danielle Quinn-Taylor,Fragile
,HC,Gavin Preuss,At The End of the Day
,HC,Steve Gold,OK
,HC,Steve Gold,Sunday in Amsterdam

17th March, 2014: Impact Trophy: Colour or Mono Print

[table caption=”Judge: Mike Carwithen” width=”600″ colwidth=”100|180″ colalign=”left|left|left”]
Winner,Margaret Thompson,I’d Rather Be At The Pub

3rd March, 2014: Open

[table caption=”Judge: Barbara Lyddiatt” width=”600″ colwidth=”150|50|200″ colalign=”left|left|left”]
,1,Valentina Kulagina,Nightwalker
,2,Charles Binns,Byfield
,3,Valentina Kulagina,Unfreedom
,HC,Barrie Wood,Volcanic Curiosity
,HC,Barry Boswell,Warthog Familly
,HC,Dave Duggan,Crown Jewels
,HC,Jane Jarvis,Can I Watch
,HC,Jem Hayward,Party Over
,HC,Peter Fernie,A Hard Days Night
,HC,Steve Gold,Canary Wharf Reflection
,HC,Trevor Cooper,Alone on the Beacon

20th January, 2014: John Saunders Trophy Sequence of Prints

[table caption=”Judge: Graham Walton” width=”600″ colwidth=”100|180″ colalign=”left|left|left”]
Winner,Duncan Quinn-Taylor,Marc Marquez Crash – Silverstone

2nd December, 2013: Walford & Round Trophy Colour Print

[table caption=”Judge: Terry Pollard” width=”600″ colwidth=”100|180″ colalign=”left|left|left”]
Winner ,Valentina Kulagina,Let it Be

11th November, 2013: Open

[table caption=”Judge: Colin Mill” width=”600″ colwidth=”150|50|180″ colalign=”left|left|left”]
Colour Print ,,Name,Title
,1,Danielle Quinn-Taylor,Damaged
,2,Trevor Cooper,Pretty in Pink
,3,Valentina Kulagina,Somethings Never Change
,HC,Barrie Wood,Enjoying the View at Twilight
,HC,Darren Lewis,Scottish Stream
,HC,Diane Partington,Tewkesbury Abbey
,HC,Jeff Youngman,A Quirt Word Please
,HC,Keith Heron,Rain or Shine
,HC,Lennie Ottley,Michelin Mesh
Monochrome Print,,Name,Title
,1,Valentina Kulagina,Ladies Man
,2,Ian Itchels,Am I Worth More Than My Tusks
,3,Charles Binns,Alps From Above
,HC,Charles Binns,Fell Runners-Drinkwaters Winter Hill
,HC,Danielle Quinn-Taylor,Charlotte
,HC,Guy Turner,Under the Boardwalks
,HC,Roy Thole,London Tunnel
,HC,Steve Gold,Spooky Wheel

21st October 2013: Open

[table caption=”Judge: Adrian Davies” width=”600″ colwidth=”150|50|180″ colalign=”left|left|left”]
,1,Steve Gold,Canary Wharf Reflection
,2,Valentina Kulagina,Shower
,3,Guy Turner,The Cafe
,HC,Darren Lewis,Blooming Lovely
,HC,Duncan Quinn-Taylor,Hunting Aphids
,HC,Keith Heron,Handrail

30th September 2013: Open

[table caption=”Judge: Hazel Manning” width=”600″ colwidth=”150|50|180″ colalign=”left|left|left”]
Colour Print,,Name,Title
,1,Robin Williams,Last One Standing
,2,Valentina Kulagina,Flower Imagination Poppy
,3,Roy Thole,Whatever Happened to Rush Hour
,HC,Dave Duggan,A Drop in the Ocean
,HC,Keith Long,Mind the Gap
,HC,Ken Webster,Hong Kong Harbour KII
,HC,Ray Jordan,Faith
,HC,Robin Purnell,Captivating Concentration
,HC,Trevor Cooper,Gob Stopper
Monochrome Print,,Name,Title
,1,Charles Binns,Pit Head
,2,Jem Hayward,It’s Been a Long Day
,3,Valentina Kulagina,Bewitched
,HC,Andrew Spackman,Making a Point Sienna
,HC,Barrie Wood,Lichfield Cathedral
,HC,Charles Binns,Coot Tracks
,HC,Mark Pells,Clifton Hampton Church
,HC,Michael Butterworth,Steel Pan Master
,HC,Mike Watling,Smokie

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