Table Top & Macro

Some photographers produce stunning images of tiny things. Photos of insects and butterflies often appear in our competitions and exhibition. We often don’t appreciate the skills involved in capturing these images.

Your goal when embarking on Table Top Photography could be anything from creating a half decent shot of something you want to sell on ebay through the range to wanting a first rate artsy photo to be admired. As I see it this will be the only group doing actual photography on a Monday evening!

Here are a few requests for club members wishing to join the group. If you want to join us PLEASE bring your camera and preferably a tripod if you own one. Several people have indicated that they have other kit which is appropriate to this type of photography. If you have it, bring it along even if it doesn’t get used this time.

We then need to think about subjects to photograph. There are lots of things in the Art Rooms which we can use, but if you would like to bring something special, please do. (not too valuable it could get dropped!)