Photo Appreciation Group

For a second year we are running the photo appreciation group as one of the activities on our practical evenings.

Members are encouraged to bring along a print or prints for discussion in this group. The idea is to encourage each other in any of the following ways: producing prints for our own enjoyment for sharing with other club members; making books; entering club competitions; preparing for the club’s exhibition; or, possibly, entering outside competitions or awards. All prints for whatever purpose are welcome! Improving our holiday or family pictures is just as important as preparing competition entries. And the photo appreciation sessions are completely uncompetitive!

For all sessions we are pleased to see prints of any kind. Maybe you want help with the technical aspects of a photo, are considering selection for a photo book, or are wondering which prints you might put in one of the competitions. The group is all about encouragement and enjoyment of our photographs and we have had some excellent discussions this year.