Badby Challenge 2021

Tomato at Rest

On Wednesday 10th November 2021, Banbury Camera Club took part in the Badby Challenge at Dunchurch Village Hall between 7 Photographic Clubs. This is down from the 9 clubs which took part last time in 2019.

Banbury came in the middle spot against a strong competition from some excellent photographs.

Each PDI ( projected image) was allocated a score by judge John Haines. At the end there was a tie between Dustan and Dunchurch. Clubs had each provided a tie-break image in advance and these were called in for these two clubs. After a difficult decision for the judge, Dunchurch was declared to take first place.,

The scores were as follows

Final Result

  1. Dunchurch Photographic Society 123
  2. Duston Camera Club 123
  3. Northamptonshire Natural History Society 118
  4. Banbury Camera Club 116
  5. Badby and District Photographic Club 113
  6. Daventry Photographic Society 111
  7. Northampton Camera Club 109
MY FISHING DAYS ARE OVER by Miles Crisell was one of two highest scoring images for Banbury.