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Photo Courses and Workshops

Photodays with Colin Varndell

Photodays and longer workshops; with Colin Varndell a Natural History Photographer.

Wildlife Photography Workshops

Wildlife Photography with Bob Brind-Surch

Bob has been to lecture at Banbury Camera Club and shows some excellent photography on his website. He also runs a busy programme of workshops, many in the UK and some abroad.

Tips and Wrinkles

What Judges Look For

A useful guide and check-list from Ed Cloutman a judge in the Welsh Federation of Photography: What Judges Look For.

Clive Haynes FRPS

Clive Haynes FRPS has many ideas and techniques on his website of how to improve your photos in Photoshop. See his Knowhow list

Photography Talk

Photography Talk is a website covering equipment, tutorials and discussion boards.

Digital Photography Review

Don’t buy new equipment without looking at DPreview.

The Photographers Free Resource

Photographers Resource

Photographers websites with photos

Michael Butterworth (member)

Michael Butterworth Photographer

Steve Gold (member)

See Steve Gold’s Photographs

Kate Parker (recent member)

See Kate Parker Photography

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